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„It was very important to me to make a sustainable investment. Mr. Zöhrlaut explained his global portfolio strategy to me and I was immediately on board after many failures at banks. He also explained to me that I’m not only doing something good for the environment and people, but will also be rewarded with the highest level of security on the market.“

Daniel Eichhorn from Freising
, 10 Portfolios

„I’m happy with GZ Invest and feel that I’m in the best of hands. At the end of 2016, I approached Mr. Zöhrlaut about a recommendation. He informed me about infrastructure investments. My account statements don’t lie! I’ve been receiving punctual monthly payments since the first month. Every year that’s after 11% after taxes!“

Thomas Brunner from Winhoering
, 10 Portfolios

„I am a physiotherapist and in my regular restaurant I got into conversation with a patient with Markus Zöhrlaut about finances. After I looked at his website, I became a customer after a detailed consultation in July 2014. He still sticks to what he says today promised.“

Klaus Greitl from Regensburg
, 10 Portfolios

Markus Zöhrlaut

The CEO.

„If you expect a transparent consulting service that is geared towards your financial goals in the long term and is not based on the incalculable, high-cost brokerage of products, then Sociium Finance’s fee-based consulting service is right for you.“

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